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YES YOU CAN! A Quick and Easy Guide to Natural Hair Care


More and more women of color are choosing to ditch chemical processes, long used to straighten hair, in favor of wearing their natural, God-given hair texture. In fact, you’re probably considering this book because you too have made that transition (or are considering transitioning) and searching for an informative guide that helps you along the journey.

In her conversational style, Karen Flowers addresses some of the questions she is most frequently confronted with as a natural hair stylist, including:

  • How do I transition to wearing my natural hair?

  • Why does my hair look and feel so dry?

  • How can I define my natural curls?

  • Why won’t my hair grow longer?

Karen answers these questions and many more in hopes of educating women of color that their natural hair is beautiful and manageable. Complete with styling how-to’s, goal-setting exercises and testimonials, Yes, You CAN! A Quick and Easy Guide to Natural Hair Care offers everything you need to embrace your natural hair.

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