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Understanding Your Hair

It’s hard to have healthy, beautiful hair you love without first understanding what makes it healthy and beautiful!

Education is one of our greatest passions at Curl House, and we have created several ways to help you understand the science behind your unique, beautiful hair. Curl House founder, Karen Flowers, has put her years of experience and knowledge into books, articles, videos and private consultation opportunities to help you learn about and care for your hair.

Straight, wavy, curly, or tightly coiled are all hair textures - that’s what you can see and feel about your hair including the degree of curliness as well as the softness or coarseness. Once the texture has been determined, we can work through potential styles, daily maintenance and products that work for you.

What Hair Type Are You?

Hey, Curlfriend! The first step to knowing how to care for your natural hair is to identify exactly what type of curl, kink, or wave you’ve got going on.


Wavy hair follows an “s” pattern. Wavy hair is less challenging to twist or braid than straight hair, but because the wave pattern is still so loose, textured-looking styles such as twists and braids can be somewhat challenging to achieve. Styles on wavy hair may require the use of rubber bands, rods, or products to give the hair hold.

Loose Curly

Loose Curly hair follows a tighter “s” pattern than wavy hair and shapes in the form of a spiral. Loose curly hair mimics the curl of the child’s toy, Slinky. Because loose curly hair has a tighter curl pattern than wavy hair, the ends may not need to be secured with a rod or rubber band as with wavy hair. Hairstyles also typically last longer on loose curly hair than wavy hair.

Very Curly

Very Curly hair has a tight spiral that mimics the curl of a mattress spring or pen spring.It is great for twisting, braiding, and creative natural-styling because of its strong elasticity and tight curl pattern. Styling tools such as rods may be unnecessary because the curl pattern itself performs like a styling tool. Styles achieved on very curly hair have excellent staying power!

Tightly Coiled

Tightly Coiled hair has the tightest curl pattern of all the curl types. In fact, to the natural eye, it may not appear to have a curl at all. Tightly coiled hair draws tightly to the scalp. It tends to be the driest hair texture and is most prone to breakage, therefore a regular moisturizing regime and proper hair care are necessary. Hairstyles with tightly coiled hair tends to hold the best of all textures.
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