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The Black Woman’s Guide To Thicker, Healthier Hair (E-Book)


7 Proven Steps I Took to Regrow My Hair

Have you experienced hair loss, thinning, or slow hair growth?  Have you ever wished for your hair to grow stronger, fuller, or to maintain length that is genetically possible for you? Well, you are not alone! 

In this book, Karen Flowers shares her own personal struggles with hair loss, and her journey towards hair and scalp restoration.  In her conversational style, Karen outlines seven steps you too can take to put you on the path to growing thicker, healthier hair. 

A certified Trichologist, Karen takes a holistic approach to hair and scalp restoration for her clients, and will equip you with tools and knowledge to do the same. She also provides you with a general introduction to the most common forms of alopecia (or hair loss) affecting Black women, and shares what you can do to seek help.

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